Biljana Saragil: I am MACEDONIAN

I am MACEDONIAN. My ancestors were NOT Greek or Bulgarian. Unfortunately, they are our oppressors. I am most definitely NOT North Macedonian. I don’t recognize the politicians who wish to sell my name, ethnicity, language & culture which is my basic human right with the false hopes of entering the EU. The Zaev regime does NOT represent my family, my ancestors or my descendants. I don’t know what he represents except money, for himself.

If the EU wishes to welcome Macedonia into the “family” the door should be wide open without the contingencies of changing our name, airport, historical monuments, origin of our language and the history of our fallen heroes like Goce Delcev who dedicated his life for an independent Macedonia. This is NOT what the EU is supposed to represent.

And even after Zaev sold our country thru the Prespa Agreement the obstacles from Greece, Bulgaria and the EU have been endless. The door is closed Zaev. No matter how much you try to sell your soul and the souls of the people you claim to represent. The EU does not want us no matter what you give up. Greece and Bulgaria are in fact amazed at how much you are willing to give up for a false sense of hope. For a few € for your Mama’s Ajvar family business. Shame on you Zaev. Срам да ти е.

But it honestly pains me that they have failed to acknowledge the Macedonian Genocide perpetrated by the Greeks from 1913-1949. It pains me that Macedonia is a country who’s history is not remembered and honoured and continues to be oppressed. Our people’s land was stolen… more

Macedonians! Wake up and be like Biljana! 💪🏼👏🏻

Gepostet von Macedonian Human Rights Movement International am Freitag, 8. Mai 2020