The self-consciousness of this suffering People is a phoneme that has existed for centuries. It also had Turkish, Serbian and Bulgarian, German, Greek and all influence and reprisals… but it persisted. Always internally oppressed by their closest, sold for a handful of yellow yellows like diarrhea in the morning and jaundice, always on the occupier’s side these helpers were the true rulers and destroyers of Macedonianism. That’s the way it is now, it’s the way it is today …

I’m not going to save anyone and I’m not going to be as modest as ever. Macedonia is a state that is being sheltered from such human-made imbeciles on a daily basis. Fog and wind salesmen do not teach daily camouflage to local sheriffs, neighborhood thugs, political thugs and puppets in the hands of the slightly smarter of them, their bosses. This is the time when Ante Popovski’s thought will come to you at another time and today is as relevant as yesterday and tomorrow:

„… in the modern history of Macedonia, our people have never felt so shared, so helpless and humiliated, never lived in such great uncertainties associated with their life and overall existence – as it is today.“

… “For years man has barely made ends meet here. His social situation is getting worse. Thousands and thousands of young and educated people are forced to leave their homeland and seek protection for their bare life, wandering around the world humiliated and disfigured. Thus, the percentage of indigenous Macedonian population is rapidly decreasing and destroying our, albeit dilapidated, Macedonian national tissue. Because of all this our social situation today is in the most critical red zone, with all the malignancy of the phenomena of an extremely dangerous social and sociological complex.

What is overlooked in all this is that there is no elementary distinction made between the historical maturity and tolerance of a nation and the biology of the stomach that transmits live humans. Like everything else, poverty has its limits: it does not submit endless infantile parades to its ministers borrowed from the most banal propaganda folklore.

It is a time when this nation is coming out of a riot and when it has to put an end to all the abuses that have literally destroyed both its state and its national honor. Who, of course, can withstand the cynicism of holding his head up and expecting such a Macedonia, ravaged and robbed, to help him? If anything at all is necessary, it is an hour when everyone should do his best – to help his homeland that groans in injustice and evil! „

Remember, if dishonest and greedy politicians are left untouched by the People and the Judiciary, it is difficult for Macedonia to find the right path to Europe. We will remain neighbors to the continent and organizations to which we are genetically by default and by birth forever. While for the perpetrated dishonesty and the anti-constitutional and anti-law changes of small party groups, we should remain mute and deaf, the punishment of God is ours alone! Personally, I will not be dumb and deaf, and Macedonia is all we have and our obligation is the Duma and Thought, but as pure as tears and tainted with tenders. I confess nothing else!

Popovski continues,

Macedonia is on the red line: either we will unite to save it – or we will part with ourselves. In that case, no one will ever need any more wiretaps and conversations… .But all this, it is quite It is true that Macedonia is set in a new political orbit and it is certain, without its own, authentic Macedonian view, without its own political philosophy and strategy that Macedonia will not be able to function as an independent state. Especially not, if it continues to rely on the current political philosophy of constant conflict and joy. Macedonia needs a leader with a far-reaching political philosophy in order to unite the interests of all.

We should not overlook the fact that Macedonia has been politically divided by ethnicity, and that situation is the closest to territorial division. … It is evident the absence of an elementary political concept, a lack of state tradition, every minister who comes and goes not where the project stood, which already existed, but starts with it…

Macedonia has not built its own doctrine, strategy, lobby. There are no sublimated views, no variants. In our emigration, on behalf of Macedonia, paradoxical and most vulgar folk themes have been imposed that need to be resolved. It deals with populist liturgies, rather than cardinal questions of the existence of Macedonia. „I would add: Macedonia is sorely lacking as an oxygen, a System, a new value-based system of criteria that will have to be respected.

Only then will this new Matrix be a positive example of the Balkan Matrix and anyone who enters and stays will grow and leak as a solid cadre of social discourse.

Everything else will be a by-product, a mix and a non-standard bit of lies. New system!

Writes: Goce Markov

Columnist Macedonian and Man