Jane Cento was attacked at the jail in Shutka

Jane Cento and one of the defendants of the events of 27 April last year in the Macedonian Parliament, Igor Jug, at the December hearing stated that they had to file a request for amnesty because, as they said, they do not recognize the selective law and demand justice to the court decides, not political elites.

„Personally, I want you, Judge Kacarska, and this advice to judge me, and not the political elites that passed the law on selective amnesty. I want to say that I have confidence only in you, because most of you want to know the truth about this event and have justice. It is true that we have entered the Assembly carried away by emotions, but we need to determine exactly who made.

only you have the right to judge no one else, and least politicians, in an incomplete procedure. It is time to prove that the state has the rule of law. I will not apply for amnesty, you judge me and tell me whether I am guilty or not, said one of the 33 defendants of allegedly „terrorist threat to constitutional order and security“.