June 17, 2018, Prespa. Beautiful morning, clear weather, lake shining under the golden sun and a controversial agreement signed by the Macedonian government lead by Zoran Zaev and their Greek counterparts lead by Alexis Tsipras. And while the West is applauding at the fact that the Macedonian government has agreed to a self-destruction of its people name, identity and history, Macedonians with shock and disbelief are following the signing ceremony of the agreement that has the potential to bury the Republic of Macedonia forever. The champagne from the celebration of this high treason was probably still cold, as red Macedonian flags with the Kutlesh sun started to fill the streets of Macedonian capital of Skopje.

June 17, 2018, Prespa

The Macedonians, angry and furious, went out to send a strong message to Zaev’s government that the attempt to erase Macedonia and its history will not pass. If the beginning of June 17 was to be remembered as the morning when the Macedonian government sold out the name and the identity of their people, the end of the day will be remembered as the night in which the police beat its citizens because they went out to defend what‘s sacred to them. Were they scared by the great number of Macedonian patriots who spontaneously stepped out on the streets chanting “Macedonia” and asking for resignations or was it the fact that they were aware of the disastrous agreement they have signed, time will show. But one thing is crystal clear – the coward police brutality that night was a consequence of serious amount of fear among those in power. 

Aside from the unusually huge amounts of tear gas used by the police, they were literally chasing the citizens (among them women, children and elderly people) across the streets while firing shock bombs right at their feet. 

Alexandar Vuckovski says he was beaten and taken into custody by the police for no reason. He says they first started hitting him by the hand with which he held the flag. The medical report showed fractures of the bones of the arms and the shoulders

Of course, all of this did not scare the brave Macedonians away. On the contrary, they keep on going out on the streets every night in the following week. This wave of dissatisfaction was completed a week later, with a massive protest where the united Macedonians send their final message “Macedonia forever – Northern never”.

Support was also given to the president of the state, Gorge Ivanov (who was elected as a candidate of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE), with a message that he should continue his refusal to sign this traitorous deal served by the West and legalized by Zaevs` government. For many, President Ivanov is the only bright spot in the dark mazes of the current Macedonian governmental scene and the only one standing bravely on the bumper of the country.


Some will say that the dispute between Macedonia and Greece lasts for two decades, but the truth is that its roots are much deeper and around 2 millennia old. 

   “To celebrate Alexander of Macedon as a Greek king is same as if the Jews were celebrating Hitler as their own”, is a very common and sadly, realistic Macedonian joke, if we take in to account the fact the Alexander’s father, king Philip, crashed the Greeks during the battle in Chaeronea in 338 B.C., a legacy that was continued by his son, Alexander of Macedon, who continued his conquests until Persia. The Greeks at the time have considered the Macedonians as barbarians, since they didn’t speak their language.

   2000 years after,the remains of what was once the largest empire in the World, with blessing from the big powers, was mutually divided between its neighbors, and the dismember of Macedonia was legalized through the Bucharest Treaty signed in 1913. 

While the Greeks, the Bulgarians and the Serbs were rubbing their hands, satisfied from the dismemberment and appropriation of their neighbor’s territories, hundreds of thousands of Macedonians, especially in the part occupied by Greece, became victims of unseen terror. The genocide committed by the Greek officials included murder of children, rape of young girls, burning of property, and a great number of other atrocities and savagery against the Macedonian population.

At the same time, they have forced the Macedonians to change their names and surnames in to Greek ones, while prohibiting the use of the Macedonian language, even for personal communication, among family members, even during weddings or funerals. Some testimonies say that the Greeks went under the windows of the Macedonian houses and if they heard that they were speaking Macedonian, those families would became victims of the most terrible tortures.

In the fallowing years, the campaign for hiding all the Macedonian traces from Aegean Macedonia continued. The Greeks started erasing all the Macedonian toponyms, changing them in to Greek.

In not so far future, the second wave of the genocide of the Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia would begin, after the Second World War and during the civil war in Greece. It was at that time that the British forces were throwing napalm bombs against the Macedonians. Around 400 bombs, originally crated for military targets, were thrown on Macedonian civilians. All of this has resulted in a massive exodus of the Macedonian population, who were fleeing from the crimes of the Greeks supported by UK, while leaving all their proprieties and belongings behind them.

The catastrophic situation with the human rights of the Macedonians in Greece, the oldest EU and NATO member from the region, has been continued until today. They still don’t have their basic human rights recognized, such as the right of self-determination, the right of using the mother language, the right of association etc.

All of this gives a very clear answer to the question – Why the Greeks are trying to present Alexander of Macedon as their own ? They do it just so that they could legalize the occupation of Aegean Macedonia and the genocide and the exodus of the Macedonians there. And after all these years, they finally have a Macedonian government that gives them a blessing to do so.


How else to explain Zaevs` smiling face while his foreign minister Nikola Dimitrov signed that they agree to erase the name Republic of Macedonia from everywhere and change it in to Republic of Northern Macedonia? How to explain the fact that they give up on the Macedonian minority living in Greece? How to understand their happy expression while agreeing to remove our millennia old symbol the star of Kutlesh from everywhere, except from archeological sites, with a note that this was allegedly a Hellenic inheritance. With one word, the “talented” Macedonian government declared the Greeks as an autochthonous population in Macedonia and the Macedonian people as newcomers and guests in their own country.

Perhaps Zaev thought that his obedience and servility would open the doors in Brussels, but instead, they have encountered closed gates. The failure to obtain a date for the start of negotiations with the EU (which supposedly only depended on Greece until now) and the promise that this question will be opened again in 2019, under several conditions, says it all. Irrelevant of the fact that the Macedonian government and their puppet journalists tried to present this as a big victory, to everyone else until now it`s more than clear that the point of changing the name wasn’t European integration of Macedonia, but instead, humiliation and eventually, disintegration of the country.


Macedonia has a majority of Orthodox Christian population and as such represents a conservative society, but its people have also been known for the high level of tolerance towards the differences. However, the Macedonians won’t allow the global-liberalists to go forward aggressively pushing their Satanist agenda in the country, presenting all the wrong things as big values that need to be embraced. 

The well-respected journalist and analyst, Andrew Korybko, was once again extremely precise when he said in his Eurasia future articlethat although in the early days of the operation against Macedonia and the democratically elected government of VMRO DPMNE and Gruevski, it seemed that the motivation was geopolitical, in order to prevent the Russian pipeline and the Chinese railway, now, after continuing this mission for dismantlement of the Macedonian identity, its clear that the reasons were metaphysical.

Korybko makes no mistake when he concludes that the Macedonian name deal threatens to erase European identity, since the liberal-globalists are conducting an experiment over Macedonian and its people, testing how to most effectively erode people’s identity.

To add, if they succeed to erase the Macedonian identity from the collective memory of the Macedonians, as one of the oldest identities in the World, hence they can go on doing that to any other country and nation.

Macedonia, the homeland of Alexander the Great is also the sacred ground from where the Holly Apostle Paul started spreading the Christianity throughout Europe. Macedonians, the first Christians in Europe, are also the ones who gave the literacy to all the Slavic world through the brothers Saint Cyril and Methodius. And this is the land where the esoteric Bogomilsm movement was born and started spreading through Europe through their fallowers Bogomils and Cathars.

All of those events that started in Macedonia and have shaped a big part of the world history, show very clearly that the ideas and the movements that start here, have the potential to spread globally. In other words, the one who will control this land can reach to a significly wider region. 

Macedonia today might be small in terms of territory and population, but make no mistake, this land has given birth to people with giant hearts, ready to risk their lives in order to protect their beloved country, just like their ancestors did from ancient times. 

After Zaevs` government signed the capitulation of the country, it seemed that the Macedonians have lost a battle, but this war is far from over.

The Prime Minister Zaev promised that if the referendum for the name this autumn fails he will resign, although given his past failures to stick to the truth, there is big possibility that his promise is once again false. However, for the Macedonian far more important is that the referendum fails, so they get to keep their historical and millennia old name and identity. And the only way for this to happen is to boycott the referendum and not to go to the polls at all, because some questions, such as this indecent proposal, most certainly don`t deserve to be answered.