Police brutality over Macedonian protestors against the name change-21century

Today 09.01.2019 Macedonians are out in the snow and at temperatures -10 to fight against the Change of the Name of their country, imposed by the EU, NATO and the government installed by Soros. Exactly St noob, the Macedonian associations started the protest in Front of the Parliament of the Republic Macedonia, wehre the plenary session should be held vor the this and final Phase of the constitutional changes.

The street in front of the Parliament is completely blocked, and there is an icreased presence of the Police. The protest,es the Organizer say, will last until Midnight. The revolt of the demonstrators who came out today to protest in front of the Parliament against constitutional changes is evident.

„Now is the time to unite. There is no freedom under a foreign yoke. Macedonia is the Macedonians. Let’s show these high treason officials that Macedonia is ours. One candle flashes for Macedonia. This country is like a feast. The world is laughing at us. I am not convinced that constitutional changes will easily pass“

-Zaklina Mikhailova- a writer

The Republic of Macedonia is now before the final act of the black and embarrassing scenario of Zoran Zaev and SDSM for changing the name of the state, identity, language, culture and history. Zoran Zaev and SDSM sold the national and state interests and repudiated the Constitution, the laws and the will of the Macedonian citizens.