Jakob Philipp Fallmerayer: Greeks are not real, they have Albanian and Slavic roots

Die WELT German newspapers near the Conservative party of Angela Merkel, warns that Greece has destroyed even before the European order and has raised the Nazi theories, the historian Jakob Philipp Fallmerayer writes in an article, who said that the Greeks are not really Greek.

According to Die Welt the critical situation in Greece is not only economic but also historical.

The article says that the Greeks have destroyed even before the european economy, and that the Greeks of today are not descendants of ancient Greek, but a mix of Albanians, Bulgarians, Turks, Slavs, Rome etc.

Further in the article are quoted extracts from the book of the historian Jakob Philipp Fallmerayer, „Geschichte der Halbinsel Morea Während des Mittelalters“ stating that the Greek population was replaced during the period than Slavic invasions (350-800) AD.

Greek race is a false ideology, but very well manipulated by them, who are distinguished manipulators and perfidies..No drop of blood flows in the veins of the Christians present in Greece, writes Fallmerayer.

The newspaper goes even further proposing that membership in the European Union should be done on the basis of DNA analysis, because the Greeks who claim that are descendant of Pericles and Socrates, are nothing but a mix of Albanians, Turks, and Slavs, states the article.