Day of the Uprising of Macedonia

October 11 is Uprising Day in Macedonia. This day commemorates the uprising that launched on Oct. 11, 1941, against the occupation by Axis powers comprising the Germans, Italian and Bulgarian on Macedonian soil.

Macedonia Uprising Day History

The people of Macedonia reacted to the fascist invasion by organizing an uprising. The first assault units were created during that time. On October 11, the actions of detachments in Kumanovo and Prilep started the uprising of the people of Macedonia. Nine detachments were created to act on an expansive area. In 1942, the political movements were also on the upswing.

Macedonia Uprising Day: October 11

Macedonia Uprising Day History

All through the spring and winter of 1944, the Armed Forces of Macedonia has embarked on important military operations. The two most important operations were the march in February and the offensive in Spring that caused great losses to the Bulgarian forces. Throughout 1944, the chain of 800 governmental groups have been distributed all over Macedonia. The preparations for the assembly of the ASNOM (legislative and executive people’s representative body of the Macedonian state from 1944 until the end of World War II), have been taken up by the Headquarters General and the Initiative Board.

Macedonian National Liberation Army has over 56,000 soldiers by the end of the World War II because of the ASNOM’s initiatives. The emancipation of Macedonia by its own army was an exceptional military and political achievement of the people of Macedonia.